Globally certified B Corp

Metagenics is now...

... a globally certified B Corp. This means that we hold ourselves accountable for meeting the highest standards when it comes to ethical and environmental practices.

We are united by
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Following years of rigorous assessment, Metagenics is now a globally certified B Corp. This means that we hold ourselves accountable for meeting the highest standards when it comes to ethical and environmental practices.

The world needs change and we are proud to be part of it! Part of our measurement of success at Metagenics is using business as a force for good. As a global B Corp, we’ll continue to innovate by creating high quality products and set the standard for social, ethical and environmental best-practice.

The B Corp philosophy is completely aligned with Metagenics emotionally, culturally, and spiritually. Our certification journey has been an introspective process that has forced leadership across the globe to meditate on what we do well and ask ourselves hard questions about what we can do better.
Brent Eck
Metagenics CEO
Bcorp for a better future

We're shaping a better future, through our commitment to people, the planet and purpose. Metagenics is B Corp certified as we invest in the well-being of people and the community, take responsibility for looking after the environment and minimising our impact. We know that the planet of tomorrow is our most precious resource. It is our share to help people live healthier, happier lives – both internally and externally, today and into the future.

United by People
Our employees are what set us apart. That’s why we’ve developed programs to support employee diversity, health & happiness, plus training and growth opportunities. In fact, everything we do as a business is geared around helping all people live happier, healthier lives, from our team members, to our customers and suppliers. It is our driving force and what gets us out of bed every morning.
United by the planet
We believe it’s every company’s responsibility to consider its impact on the world and make it a positive one. Having world-leading, quality formulas that don’t harm our environment. That’s why we make extra efforts to audit our facilities, refine our processes, and reduce our ecological footprint.
United by purpose
At Metagenics, our goal is to help people live happier, healthier lives. We’re so passionate about this, we partner with like-minded nonprofits like Vitamin Angels, The Smith Family and Families Forward to bring our supplements and spread our message both locally, and globally.
Metagenics B Corporation - People
Metagenics B Corporation - Planet
Metagenics B Corporation - Purpose
United by People Planet Purpose
B Corp Certification internal & external

How does our B Corp certification impact Metagenics?

B Corp certification is independent and legally audited evidence that at Metagenics we truly care about our mission to help people live happier and healthier lives. This starts with our own people internally here at Metagenics, and flows onto our external communities of customers, suppliers and partners.

This certification grades all aspects of our business, internally and externally, and sets the standard for the way in which we operate now as a business and in the future. We have always prided ourselves on our product leadership and the B Corp certification reflects that our leading products are created ethically and as a force for good. We are now even more proud to lead our industry, and others, in this movement.

B Corp Assessment of Metagenics

How long did it take?

Metagenics has been a B Corp certified business in ANZ since 2019, and as of 2022, the entire global Metagenics organisation is a certified B Corp. This means that as a global organisation, we subjected ourselves to an independent assessment of our impact in the world – on people, on planet, on purpose. This is a rigorous assessment including hundreds of questions examining our policies, practices, outputs, business model and outcomes.

It took 2.5 years for each region Metagenics to complete certification, with involvement from over 25 staff across all business functions - beginning with an impact assessment and finishing with legal accountability. We will go through the process of recertification every 3 years, meaning that we have committed to hold ourselves accountable in these areas of ethics, impact and sustainability on a continuous and always improving basis.

When you choose Metagenics...

... you can be proud to partner with a company that is committed to guarantee healthcare professionals and patients high quality micronutrition and is unequivocally united by its purpose to help people live healthier, happier lives.